Make it Easy for Your Lender: It Pays Off!

The mortgage process is infinitely more complex than it was even five or ten years ago.  The level of documentation that is now required, and the scrutiny that the documentation undergoes, is staggering, and rightly so, as mortgage fraud is rampant, despite industry efforts to combat it. Respond Quickly to Requests The best thing you … Continue reading Make it Easy for Your Lender: It Pays Off!

USDA Loan Guidelines

What Are USDA Loans? The USDA Rural Development Loan Program, or USDA loans for short, are designed to make rural housing more affordable. USDA loan program eligibility depends upon applicant income and the purchase property location. The USDA Rural Housing program is for residential purchases and rate-and-term refinances only – no cash out refinancing. All USDA loans … Continue reading USDA Loan Guidelines