A Quick Q&A About USDA

Achieving the dream of homeownership could be more attainable than you have anticipated. If you are concerned about the affordability of purchasing a home, it is important to know you have options when it comes to loan programs. One popular government loan is USDA Rural Development. The program was originally created to boost the development … Continue reading A Quick Q&A About USDA

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Home Loan

photo by: Daniel Kulinski source: Flickr.com While there are many pre-cautionary steps one must take in deciding to purchase a home, making sure that you qualify for a home mortgage loan is key. If you have recently applied for a loan but were turned away, you may be wondering why or who’s really to blame? … Continue reading Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Home Loan

First Time Home Buyers: How Much Can You Afford?

photo by: Tax Credits source: Flickr.com Out of all of the factors that go into purchasing your first home, being prepared for and fully understanding the costs of home ownership may be the most important. While setting a budget and saving for your down payment are important initial steps to take, learning the major factors … Continue reading First Time Home Buyers: How Much Can You Afford?

Mortgage Q&A

1. Why buy, instead of rent?  Answer – A home is an investment. When you rent, you write your monthly check and that money is gone forever. But when you own your home, you can deduct the cost of your mortgage loan interest from your federal income taxes, and usually from your state taxes. You … Continue reading Mortgage Q&A