Big Benefits to Jumbo Loans

What is a Jumbo Mortgage Loan? A jumbo loan is a loan that exceeds conventional or conforming loan limits. In most places the conventional loan limits are $417,000. In some places, where cost of living is higher, the jumbo loan limits are higher. This begs the question, what is a conventional loan? A conventional loan … Continue reading Big Benefits to Jumbo Loans

HomeStyle Renovation Loan

Renovate, repair or improve a home with a HomeStyle® Renovation loan. What is HomeStyle® Renovation? HomeStyle® combines home purchase or refinance with home improvement financing in one loan with one closing. HomeStyle® loans let you customize a home to your liking or make needed repairs as long as they are permanent to the property and … Continue reading HomeStyle Renovation Loan

VA Home Loans

VA Home Loans VA home loans are a great option for qualified personnel who need help getting into a home. This program is especially appealing to first time home buyers. VA home loans don’t have the same down payment requirements as other loan programs. VA home loan borrowers do not need large down payments and … Continue reading VA Home Loans

Buying a Fixer-Upper? Consider the FHA 203K Loan

Are you having a hard time finding a property in your price range? Have you considered a fixer-upper?  If you find a house with potential on the lower end of your budget, an FHA 203K rehabilitation loan allows you to finance repairs and the house purchase in one loan.  A bedroom addition, a family room … Continue reading Buying a Fixer-Upper? Consider the FHA 203K Loan