Why 2016 is the Best Year to Buy or Sell your Home

2016 is predicted to be a HUGE year for real estate. The housing market has stabilized and is stronger than it’s been in 10 years. If you’ve been waiting for the “right time” to buy a new home or put your home on the market, now is that time. Here’s why… 2016 is predicted to … Continue reading Why 2016 is the Best Year to Buy or Sell your Home

Mortgage Myths Busted

There is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding mortgages. By debunking the following mortgage myths we hope to help new home buyers better understand and approach the home buying process. 1. Minimum Down Payment is 5% – There are a number loan programs available that allow home buyers to put down less than 5%. … Continue reading Mortgage Myths Busted

Warning: Deed Scam!

Shortly after the closing process, I will inform my clients about a scam that is circulating the United States.  It’s a good idea for you to be aware of this scam before you fall victim to it. Four to six weeks after closing, you may receive a letter or email telling you to claim a … Continue reading Warning: Deed Scam!