DO’s & DON’T’s of Credit Card Use

Responsible Credit Card Use Why should we care what you do with your credit cards? As responsible lenders, we want to educate prospective home buyers that may need a little help in the credit department. Why? Responsible credit card use can improve credit scores and assist with a smooth mortgage loan approval process – something that we … Continue reading DO’s & DON’T’s of Credit Card Use

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Home Loan

photo by: Daniel Kulinski source: While there are many pre-cautionary steps one must take in deciding to purchase a home, making sure that you qualify for a home mortgage loan is key. If you have recently applied for a loan but were turned away, you may be wondering why or who’s really to blame? … Continue reading Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Home Loan

5 Tips for Establishing Credit

Are you interested in purchasing a home? In order to purchase a home, your lender will need to evaluate your credit history. So what happens if you don’t have a credit history? Assuming you have confirmed your meager credit history with an updated credit report (get a free credit report every 12 months from each … Continue reading 5 Tips for Establishing Credit