6 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional

Happy couple holding for sale and sold signs kissing

  1. They will be your negotiator:

If you decide to FSBO (for sale by owner), it is important to keep in mind all of the people you will need to negotiate with such as the buyer, buyer’s agent, buyer’s attorney, home inspector, appraiser, etc. A seasoned real estate pro will take these tasks off your plate and help you negotiate with these people the best way possible.

  1. They will help you with marketing strategy

Experienced real estate professionals know the market. They know who the buyers are and where they are looking. They have excellent market intel and will help you advertise your home the right and most advantageous way and provide you with a solid online strategy.

  1. They will save you from drowning in paperwork

According to the KCM crew at keepngcurrentmatters.com, the percentage of people who FSBO has decreased dramatically from 19% to 8% over the last 20 years with the main reason being due to the exorbitant amount of paperwork involved in buying/selling a home today. As industry disclosures and regulations have become mandatory, the paperwork alone is reason to hire a professional.

  1. They will save you money

Contrary to popular belief that going it alone will save you money in commission fees, hiring a real estate professional can save you more money in the long run. This, of course, depends on the market, however a real estate pro knows how to help you find out what your home is worth and what it will likely go for depending on multiple important factors like location. According to our friends at Keeping Current Matters, studies have shown that a typical home sold FSBO sells for $210,000 meanwhile a typical home sold by an agent sells for $249,000.

  1. They’re connected

Another great reason to hire a real estate agent is that they are connected! A good real estate agent is a pro at networking, knows almost everyone, and can connect you to others in the industry to help you sell or purchase your home. Whether you’re in need of a trusty mortgage lender, real estate attorney, home inspector, home stager, interior designer, etc., your real estate pro will get you in touch with quality experts.

  1. They wear a lot of different hats

When you hire a real estate agent, you can count on them to be there for you in a number of ways throughout the process. A good agent will work their butt off to be your investigator, driving around and researching online for the perfect home for you. They will be your marketing wizard specializing in promoting your home, they will be your analyst ensuring you are getting the best home for the best price, they will be your therapist to talk you through the anxious times and they will be your friend whose is there for you on call whenever you need them to be.

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