New Home Superstitions

Good Luck

In honor of Friday the 13th, I’ve searched the web for some of the craziest (or not so crazy depending on how superstitious you are) and most common new homeowner superstitions out there! Whether or not you choose to believe said superstitions associated with moving into a new home is up to you, but if you do happen to be moving anytime soon, you may want to engage in these rituals… just in case!

  • Never bring an old broom into the house with you. This is perhaps the most common ritual out there. It is said that by bringing an old broom into your new house, you are inviting in bad luck. Leave the old broom with the dust and dirt from your old home behind and buy a new one as a symbol of a fresh start for your new home!
  • Don’t skimp on the salt. When entering your new home, sprinkle salt in front of your front door (and all other doors/corners of rooms if you’re feeling very superstitious) to keep evil spirits out of the house.
  • Bring the bread, too. Apparently, you must bring bread with you as you enter your new home for the first time too in order to keep the evil spirits at bay. Maybe they’re on a gluten free diet?
  • Do not bring in a garden hoe. According to superstition, things not to bring into your new home= an old broom and a garden hoe. Not that you would likely ever do this anyways, but just in case, leave the garden hoe outside.
  • Windows should face the sunrise. It is said that when purchasing a home, it is important to have windows that face the east where the sun rises to bring you good luck.
  • Paint your front door/porch blue. Taken from old southern superstition, if you paint your front porch blue, no ghosts will be able to enter your home based on the theory that ghosts can’t cross water.
  • Don’t move in on the weekend or in the rain. Another popular US superstition is to avoid moving on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or rainy days. Apparently, moving on the weekend or in the rain brings bad luck and can prevent you from truly being able to settle in your new home. If you’re looking for the said “luckiest” day to move into your new home, pick Thursday.
  • Enter & Exit the same door. Lastly, make sure that the very first time you exit your new home is through the same door you entered in. This is an old Irish superstition that says entering and exiting through different doors will bring bad luck. After you do this once, you can enter and exit through any door you please.

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