4 Ways to Cure the Back to School Blues

Backpack fashion

It’s that time of year again! As the summer sun sets, it’s time to hang up the swim suits and bring back the back packs. While this time of year may bring you and your kids into an annual mini depression, it doesn’t have to! Here are 4 ways to cure the back to school blues:

  • Back to School Shopping: While back to school shopping is a yearly must, there’s no reason it can’t be fun and get the kids excited for their next big year! Rather than do the usual run to Target where you want to get in and out as fast as possible, why not make a whole day out of it? Ask the kids where they would like to go to find the ultimate back to school outfit, stop at their favorite restaurant for lunch and end the day with an ice cream stop.
  • Breakfast Surprise: Waking up early on the first day back to school is tough. As the kids groan into their pillows, try waking them up extra early and surprise them by going out to breakfast! This will allow them to start the day in a great mood with full stomachs and plenty of energy to learn.
  • Celebrate School Year’s Eve: We celebrate New Year’s Eve every year, but have you ever heard of School Year’s Eve? School Year’s Eve marks the last night of summer and the night before the very first day of school. Avoid the depression of another summer ending by celebrating what is to come! Decorate the house with a “Happy School Year’s Eve Banner”, streamers, and balloons, and have a back to school fashion show of all those new clothes your kids can’t wait to wear. Order some pizza and end the night by watching a back to school themed movie they’ll love.
  • Goals Board: Say hello to a new school year by creating a unique goals board to hang in your home! Take a picture of each of your children on the first day of school and tack it to the board along with their goals and aspirations for the year to come. This will help keep the kids on track and help motivate them for a whole new year of learning.

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