5 DIY Projects to do This Summer

Two Window Boxes with Black Shutters, Tradd Street, Charleston, SC

Summer is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the sun, and tackle a few DIY projects. If your home is in need of an upgrade this season, these 5 simple do-it-yourself ventures are sure to help turn your yard from drab to fab!

Canning Jar Lights
Canned Light

Light up your patio or deck with these fun and easy to make canning jar lights! All you need to create this outdoor ambiance is a case of mason jars, indoor/outdoor light cords/bulbs, a drill bit and translucent paint! For step by step directions, click here.

Pallet bench

photo source: funkyjunkinteriors
photo source: funkyjunkinteriors

Make this cute and cozy pallet bench that requires only a few items to create! Once built, turn the bench into a sofa and add your own unique style of pillows and blankets! For detailed instructions, click here

Outdoor bar cart

photo source: ext.homedepot.com
photo source: ext.homedepot.com

Get the party started by creating an outdoor bar cart! Serve up your favorite beverages without having to continuously go inside to access your drinks and glassware. Add some wheels for mobility, paint it your favorite color and you’re good to go! For instructions on how to build this beverage cart, visit HomeDepot.com

Add Flower Boxes
Two Window Boxes with Black Shutters, Tradd Street, Charleston, SC

Take your home’s appearance up a notch by simply adding flower boxes to your windows! Windowbox.com offers a wide variety to choose from to give your home the perfect look.

Mailbox Makeover

photo source: beneathmyheart.net
photo source: beneathmyheart.net

Is your mailbox in desperate need of a makeover? If so, it may be time to build yourself a cast stone one to really boost curb appeal. If you’re feeling too lazy to build the stone yourself, don’t fret. Lowe’s offers you the option of purchasing a beautiful one online. Visit beneathmyheart.net to see instructions and get a before and after look.

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