Sellers Get a Jump on Buyers with a Sellers’ Inspection

Buyers are likely to have a home inspection completed on any property for which they’ve put in an offer. But how about your sellers? If you’re looking to sell your home, have you considered acting proactively, knowing that most offers you receive will include a home inspection condition?

What better time to get one step ahead of the game than to have a home inspection done before the property goes on the market? Given the highly competitive buyers’ market in which we find ourselves in many areas across the country, identifying and addressing items that are either major issues now, or are likely to become major issues down the road, makes sense.

There are two main reasons why this makes good sense in most situations. The first is that the fewer issues the buyer’s home inspector can find, the less ammunition the buyer will have at the negotiating table.

Second, you will be able to provide potential buyers with copies of the home inspection, along with proof that any items identified have been addressed.

This alone may dissuade potential buyers from wanting to conduct their own inspection, or at least indicate to them that you are sufficiently upfront to ensure that the property is in good condition before it’s sold.

This relatively inexpensive step, taken proactively, can actually make the difference between a house sold and one unsold. Naturally, you will prefer the former scenario. A seller’s home inspection may do the trick.

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