4 Fool Proof Painting Tips for Beginners

Man and woman painting wall.

One of the first big projects that new homeowners take on themselves is painting the house.  Picking out colors and accent wall designs may be exciting, but if you don’t follow the right steps you will end up with an amateur-looking job.  Follow these tips to ensure that your walls end up beautiful!

  1. Use the right tape.  Read the label carefully to ensure that the tape you use is compatible with the surface you’re painting. You want to remove the tape to find smooth, clean lines.
  2. Select the correct paint and primer.  If you are painting outdoors, look for a masonry or stucco paint that can be used on wood or metal, as well as other exterior surfaces.  Always prime exterior woodwork, as to prevent cracking and warping.
  3. Use the “W” method.  Large surfaces will show overlapping marks unless you paint in “W” shaped patterns with your paint roller. This will help your color distribute evenly.
  4. Start from the inside out. Always begin in the middle of the wall and finish the edges last to avoid splatter, smudges and dripping.

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