5 Tips for Packing & Moving


Moving is stressful for the whole family. Besides leaving a home you’ve grown attached to, you have to worry about packing, not missing anything, loading, moving and unloading everything you own.  Using a well-organized plan can help alleviate some of that moving anxiety, so follow these six easy tips.

  1. Decide what stays and what goes.  While sorting through all your life belongings, you will come across a ton of things you forgot you had, or kept with the intention of one day using/needing it.  De-clutter your things before packing.  Donate any old or unneeded items in good condition and toss anything broken or outdated (VCR players, anyone?).
  2. Get your materials ready.  Make sure to stack up on sturdy, large boxes for packing.  You might want to consider buying box dividers for more fragile items such as glasses and china.  Just remember not to over load your boxes – this can lead to objects breaking, boxes falling apart, or your back getting strained from the heavy weight.  Also make sure to buy enough bubble wrap or other cushioning of your choice, as well as packaging tape and markers to label your boxes.
  3. Recruit some friends.  Don’t be afraid of asking for help when it comes to loading and transporting your things.  It will go much more smoothly and you will be in that new house in no time! Just make sure to provide lunch and refreshments for your helpers as a thank you.  Also, remember to return the favor when they need help moving!
  4. Organize your boxes.  Pack everything according to the room it’s in.  This makes for much faster unpacking!
  5. Create a moving day survival kit.  Chances are you will not be completely settled in after moving all day, so put together a box of essential items for that first night.  It could include pajamas, hygiene products, a change of clothes for the next day, an alarm clock, your favorite movie and some night time snacks for unwinding after a hard day!

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