Warning: Deed Scam!

Shortly after the closing process, I will inform my clients about a scam that is circulating the United States.  It’s a good idea for you to be aware of this scam before you fall victim to it.

Four to six weeks after closing, you may receive a letter or email telling you to claim a copy of your deed for $83.  The letter may say it’s coming from Secured Document Services regarding a Deed Processing Notice.  It could also state it’s coming from Property Transfer Service in Washington DC.  Whatever the exact wording, if you receive anything asking for money to get a copy of your deed, just shred it or delete it!   These letters are from scam artists tricking you into paying money for a copy of your own deed.

The picture above is an actual letter that a client of mine recieved, with the name and address taken away to protect privacy.  I always want to keep my customers well informed, so if you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of a housing related document, please contact me.

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