5 Reasons to Buy a Condominium

In this day and age, condominiums tend to be on the less-desirable end of the housing market.  It’s understandable for people who are looking for more privacy, room for children and pets, or a little more space to call their own.  However, you shouldn’t be so quick to knock off condos from your house hunting list.  There are plenty of pros that make condos a great asset to own.  Read on to see if these features appeal to you!

Lower Operating Costs
It’s common for most condos to include building insurance, the water bill and occasionally even heat as well.    Most times building maintenance is included in the cost.  If you have to pay the heat bill, at least it will be much lower than the average house because the units around you help insulate your home – sometimes slashing your average heating bill by half.

If you’re the type who loves traveling or works long hours – a condo might be a good choice for you.  Lots of times taking care of the house and yard are time consuming and tedious chores.  Condos offer the alternative – a type of “lock-up-and-go” lifestyle that allows you to come and go as you please, with very little maintenance.

If you’re a social person who enjoys talking with your neighbors, then you’d find good company in other condo owners.  Often times your neighbors will share a similar lifestyle as you.  Lots of condominiums also offer community rooms where residents can relax, get together, host parties and activities, swim in the pool or work out in the fitness room – no membership required!

Often times condos offer more secure entrances, with cameras and alarms protecting community hallways, garages, etc.  Break-ins at condos are much more rare, as there are usually always neighbors home at any given hour of the day.  You can count on others to keep an eye out for you!

No Yardwork
If shoveling snow all winter and mowing lawn all summer sound unappealing to you, you might be a great candidate for a condo.  Condo fees include sidewalk and driveway maintenance, lawn maintenance and garbage pickup.  All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Interested in purchasing a condo?  Give me a call at 262-696-5040 or email me.  I’d love to provide you with more information that will help make your decision!

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